Yoga for Hair Growth. Does Yoga Stimulate Your Hair Growth ?

When contemplating using yoga for hair growth, there are a few important aspects you need to consider before undertaking a strict yoga routine. Though yoga could be the answer you’re looking for, a combination of healthy eating and exercise habits, form an integral part of having any chance to find a solution to your hair growth troubles. There are other factors including stress and hereditary symptoms that can contribute to your hair loss, but if used correctly, yoga for hair growth may be an effective alternative for you.

Yoga for Hair Growth it’s just a myth ?

Hair loss for both men and women is a universal problem for just about everyone at some stage in their lives. There is generally just one prescription known to Western medicine, that has any acceptance as being a cure – this is known as minoxidil. Most yoga gurus consider this to be a lesser option, as minoxidil has little to no effect while the actual baldness is showing, as opposed to regular hair thinning. Fortunately, there are a number of yoga postures that can , in combination with a healthy consumption of fruits, berries and spices, cure your hair growth problems.

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While using yoga for hair growth, the following yoga asanas appear to have the most beneficial affect. The frontal lobe cleansing technique, known as Kapalabhati, is a well-being promoting breathing exercise, requiring you to sit with your legs crossed. Ensure you keep your head, neck and back in a straight-forward parallel line. Additionally, make sure your entire body is relaxed, especially your facial muscles, and keep your hands firmly planted upon your knees. Deeply inhale and exhale repeatedly – at least three times. This will enhance your blood circulation, and automatically contract the muscles within your abdomen. Attempt doing this yoga for hair growth exercise in rounds; beginning with 1, and gradually increasing it to 15, or even 30 per session. After a while, and using discipline to complete 30 rounds each day, you will find the process much easier, and your body should start to notice its effects on your blood circulation and general well-being.

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Perhaps one of the more important yoga for hair growth postures, however, is the shoulder stand (also known as Sarvangasana). Obviously, you would need to stretch the muscles in your body thoroughly before attempting it – especially if you’re not used to bending your body in such a way. To begin the shoulder stand yoga for hair growth posture, position yourself on your back, ensuring you inhale and exhale deeply prior to raising your legs in the air. Keep your legs straight, and slowly raise them so that they are pointing directly up towards the ceiling. Your shoulders and neck will be supporting your body, so rest your hands under the center of your back or spine, and gradually raise your torso. When your body is vertical, remember to keep your spine and legs in a straight position. More importantly, focus on your breathing for the entire time, concentrating on your thyroid gland.

As with anything in life, using yoga for hair growth will depend solely upon the individual, and the preciseness of the routine that you undertake.

If you have the discipline and gain the ability – eventually – you could well be on the way to make your hair grow faster and longer.

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