Vitamins for hair growth – All you need to know about them

Women are the most affected when the matters of hair problems arise. This is because the beauty of a woman in most cases is determined by how well she takes care of her hair. Baldness and hair loss are frequent issues women have to deal as they look for beauty.  These problems drive them into buying products that contain vitamins for hair growth, in order to facilitate growth of hair. vitamins for hair growth apple 300x200 Vitamins for hair growth   All you need to know about themThe process of hair growth is a very complicated one, and these vitamins ply a major role in the whole process. Most of them act upon the hair follicle where the hair originates and manipulates factors there to increase growth. But if you want faster results you can use Mira Hair Oil so you can obtain a longer and thicker hair

Because of their diverse modes of action, vitamins for hair growth should be selected carefully taking into consideration the type of hair and defect. Most of these vitamins have dual-purposes, increasing the rate of hair growth at the same time making the hair strong. Besides only taking care of the hair, the scalp too is an important part to look at when taking care of hair. With a poor and unhygienic scalp, the hair itself will not be any better. Most vitamins, if not all, are organic components that help in promoting healthy hair growth cycle.

Of the many vitamins for hair growth, Vitamin B3 is crucially the backbone of the whole process.

Also known scientifically as Niacin, Vitamin B3 promotes blood circulation into the scalp and other tissues related to the scalp and head. With this, more essential hair growth factors and nutrients are brought to the hair follicle. Enough of these components speeds up the process of hair growth, resulting into strong, unbreakable hair. Foods rich in these Vitamins include; Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Peanut butter, rice and wheat bran, liver among many others. You can also find them available in dispensable pills and tablets from pharmacies. vitamins for hair growth pills 300x199 Vitamins for hair growth   All you need to know about themAnother Vitamin B-component that is essential in hair growth is Vitamin B5, referred to as Pantothetic acid. What this one does is to complement what Niacin does. It is essentially important in preventing hair loss. This is by building on the hair as it grows, stiffening it accordingly. Whole grains and potatoes are some of the sources of this class of Vitamins for hair growth. For the purposes of hair thickening, the Vitamin of choice is Vitamin B6, which enhanced the production of Melanin. Melanin is a protective protein and pigment that helps in thickening hair follicles, and preventing destructive action of the sun’s rays. Vitamin B6 is abundant in egg yolk and whole grain cereals, and organ meat. Other Vitamin Bs that complement a healthy hair growth pattern include Vitamin B7 (Biotin) and Vitamin B12 which do more or less that what other Vitamin Bs do. A vitamin for hair growth that promotes a healthy, thick and shiny follicle is Vitamin E, commonly known as antioxidant vitamin. Hair is a protein and proteins have component that undergo oxidation, a chemical reaction that reduces their shining character. As the name suggests, these vitamins for hair growth help in curbing this problem eliminated the process of oxidation that dulls the hair. This leads to strong and shiny hair strands. Foods that have enough of this protein include wheat germ oil, vegetable oil, seeds, almond, broccoli and nuts. These foods have vitamin E, which exists as an oil component.

Vitamin A components help in nurturing the hair. This they do by promoting the processes involved in moistening hair follicles.  Moist hair reduces incidences of hair breaking, hence long and beautiful hair locks. This vitamin for hair growth is essential in promoting the actions of the other Vitamin, as a moist environment is necessary for proper and uniform hair growth. Tomatoes, Papaya, Milk, leafy vegetables are some of the sources of this vitamin. For hair nourishment and detoxification, Vitamin C is the vitamin of choice. Ascorbic acid is its name, and it acts as an agent that fights hair infection. It also promotes the processes of hair cleansing and growth, with the most common source being most citrus fruits. Others sources include chilies, guavas, kiwi fruits, and pepper. kiwi vitamins for hair growth 300x200 Vitamins for hair growth   All you need to know about themMany vitamins for hair growth are available in their natural forms in natural sources, but there are other sources available. If getting these natural sources is difficult, then all hope is not lost as there are manufactured forms of them available for sale. Palatable and easily administrable forms exist in several dosage forms. The most common are capsules, which most people prefer because of their ease of swallowing. Other forms meant for swallowing are tablets and specific liquid formulations. There are also those meant for direct application on hair, and will work directly on the portions they touch. Such formulations include creams, gels, lotions, suspensions and emulsions. If you would rather have the formulated vitamins for hair growth, then care should be taken to make sure that you get what your hair needs and not what you want. This is by carefully reading product labels and ingredients used in making the formulation. Some manufacturers might use scientific terms to describe common components, hence the need for proper consultation before purchasing any products. Please notice that in order to learn how to make your hair grow faster you need to know that vitamin products that have expired will never work no matter what. Therefore, carefully read details describing the product before buying especially those details concerning expiry dates.

As much as one wants to have good and healthy hair, there are many other reasons for poor hair formation. The combing process also determines how strong a hair follicle will be, with strenuous combing cycles leading to hair thinning and later easy breakage. The most preferred sources of vitamins are organic sources, but other sources can still be used. When using such sources as manufactured ones, care should be taken to follow the doses recommended when it comes to pills and tablets. Otherwise, more negativity may arise with unnecessary overdose. Using vitamins for hair growth helps in getting strong and thick hair, which is easy to maintain and beautiful to look at.

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